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Sugarland Run

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Sugarland Run



Travel Light (audio file)

Good Dreams Can Die

We're Not Breaking Up (only I am)


I Forgive You (audio file)

Lil' Sure Shot (audio file)

Guessing Game

Drunkeness of Love

Sunny Blue

My Time

Nothing to Lose


Sugarland Run


Written by WD Miller
Produced by WD Miller and Mike Malchione
Mixed by Mike Malchione and WD Miller except Sunny Blue, Surrender, and Good Dreams Can Die, mixed by Scott Shuman and WD Miller
Mastered by Mike Malchione. Additional mastering by Ron Rice
Engineers: Mike Malchione & Scott Shuman
Original Cover Art: Burke Walsh
Graphics & Art Design :Kerry Nolan
Blue Caller:
WD – lead vocals, acoustic rhythm guitar, background vocals, tambourine  (Rodeo), sticks (Good Dreams), bells, boards, & blues jar  (Sunny Blue), hand-claps
Brother Rob - Acoustic picking guitar, mandolin, requinto, harmony vocals, hand claps, background vocals (Sugarland Run, My Time & We're Not Breakin’ Up)
Jim Opeka - Drums and percussion:  maracas & chimes hand-claps, (I Forgive You), cow bell (Sugarland Run , Drunkenness of Love); slide guitar (Guessing Game)
Mark Kelley - Bass
Mike Malchione - Lead guitar:  Sugarland Run, Breakin' Up, Lil' Sure Shot, Guessing Game, Nothing to Lose, Drunkenness of Love, and Healing. Additional guitars: Breakin' Up (Galveston & Nowhere Man guitars) My Time (Ventures guitar). Electric rhythm guitars:  Sugarland Run,  Nothing to Lose , Drunkenness of Love; handclaps (Nothing to Lose)
Morgan Johns - Lead guitar: Rodeo, Annie (dobro), Travel Light (Les Paul slide), I Forgive You
Scott Shuman - Electric rhythm guitars: Sugarland Run, Drunkenness of Love
Mike Kelley - Keyboards: Sugarland Run, Guessing Game, Drunkeness of Love, Surrender
Ki Capitano - Piano: Sugarland Run
Mickey Blue - Blues harp: Guessing Game, Travel Light
Robert Scroggie - Bagpipes: Nothing to Lose
Gene Miller - Background vocals: We're Not Breakin’ Up
Jorge Alberto Gonzalas - Whistle: Rodeo
Boon - Boon's toy & cheez sound effects on Nothing to Lose  (Mike, Scott, & WD)
Recorded at Shuman Recording, Falls Church, VA


Kayne, for your patience, generosity, and support. I know my absence has been hard on you and the boys. Thank you for sticking with me. This project would never have been possible without you. Mike, for all your talents including your generosity, good ideas, all the guitar pickin, the studio wizardry, and of course, the reverbs. Scott, for your expedience and generosity. Rob, for your patience, all your pickin and singing, and for your insights. You're all over this record, and that makes me happy. Jim and Mark, for your patience and generosity. Morgan, for your sweet guitar. Mike Kelly, for your magic fingers. Kerry, for your patience and time in front of the computer, graphics design, and the cool landscape guitar. Boon, thanks for understanding when I was gone. Thanks for being such an easy guy. To all the other artists who contributed to this project, thank you for your time and talents. Thanks Burke, for the cool art work. Gene, thank you for all the records, from the Kinks to Marshall Crenshaw to Adam Schmidt... you've always been the catalyst. Mom and Dad, thank you for your support and love.


  06/20/09 - 7:00 pm
  Bangkok Blues

  05/09/09 - 7:00 pm
  Bangkok Blues

  03/14/09 - 7:00 pm
  Bangkok Blues

  01/31/09 - 7:00 pm
  Bangkok Blues

  12/20/08 - 7:00 pm
  Xmas Show
  Bangkok Blues

  09/13/08 - 7:00 pm
  w/Hay Norton 9:30 pm
  Bangkok Blues

  07/19/08 - 7:00 pm
  Bangkok Blues

  07/13/08 - 3:45-4:30pm
  Reston Festival 2008!

  06/11/08 - Fox Morning   News TV Concert
  Jammin' Java

  06/06/08 - Performing
  live between 7 and 9am
  on Fox Morning News

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